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Berlin Clouds

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Berlin Clouds is a licensed cannabis company located in Berlin. We are a new startup with our core values being very simple: delivering the highest quality and consistency, through a brand name you can rely on. By selectively partnering with only the finest sources available, we deliver premium, industry-leading products.

Our team is made up of the brightest minds in the industry. Each dedicated to making BC products the best choice out there. By selectively hiring and partnering with the most experienced growers, cultivators and manufacturers, we deliver products as effective as they are consistent and as industry-leading as they are reliable and safe. We take pride in our operations, and we hold our partners to the same unrelenting standards.

All of our products are pure, organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent free.

At the heart of it all, if it’s not the absolute best, it’s not Berlin Clouds.


Taste boom

Ultimate flavor experience
Full terpene profile

Product quality

Next generation ceramic
coil technology

Speed effects

Extreme potency
Satisfaction guarantee

Calm pleasure

Effective relief